Frequent Questions

General Information

1Where is it?
Av. Lisandro de la Torre y Avenida de los corrales s/n, 1072 Buenos Aires Argentina. View Map
2When is the Fair?
Every Sunday since 11 hours.
Saturdays of Summer (february) since 18 hours.
3How do I get by car?
From downtown up through Independencia Avenue, then changing it’s name to Alberdi Avenue. until you get to Lisandro de la Torre Avenue.

From downtown through Rivadavia Avenue up to La Plata Avenue. There you take 25 de mayo freeway and you go down in Escalada street , continuing to Eva Perón Avenue, and getting to Lisandro de la Torre Avenue.
4How do I get by public transport?
All these buses lines get you there: 36 - 55 - 92 - 63 - 80 - 92 - 97 - 103 - 117 - 126 - 141 - 155 - 180 - 185
5How much does the entrance cost?
It´s free!
6How can I be part of the Fair!